Episode 10 - Getting to Gender parity without the awks

At YOW CTO Summit Alex spoke about this topic, this is a podcast episode of this talk re-run at an REA Tech Lead guild meeting. 

Show notes and diagram:



All industries 58% Men | 42% Women

Technology82% Men | 18% Women


Quitting technology roles

17% Men | 41% Women


Perceived competence level needed to go for promotions

60% Men | 100% Women


64% of women in tech careers report a lack of confidence and concern over navigating workplaces dominated by men



#1 Acknowledge your bias - own it, declare it

#2 Applaud her role related skills

#3 Notice out loud – start a movement

#4 Check who is dominating the conversation

#5 Bring your sister

#6 A little encouragement

#7 Follow girls – your social media

#8 Get to know her

#9 Let her choose – team events

#10 Let her own her victories